Gausus Gyvenimas

Apie mus

Suicide prevention organization bringin hope to Lithuania

We set a goal to reduce suicide rate in Lithuania by 30% by the end of  2030

“Klaipeda's most civic organization 2020”

On December 4th Gausus Gyevnimas received the award “Klaipeda’s most civic organization 2020”. This is a great honor and joy to be recognized in our community. Though it is less than a year since Gausus Gyvenimas was officially registered, we already have left a footprint in the city and on people’s hearts. We are committed to keep up the good work with the help of our volunteers and supporters. Learn how you can support us and our ministry. 

our story

In summer 2020 five passionate and committed people came together to establish a suicide prevention organization. The love for God and the people that we carry in our hearts motivated us to spend hours discussing, planning, and organizing the first projects. 

Soon we realized that the best day to present our organization to a wider audience is September 10th which is the World’s Suicide Prevention Day. Through art performances and informative sessions, we raised awareness about this social issue that’s so prevalent in Lithuanian society. The event left many impressed and shortly after that our team of volunteers expanded. More and more people decided to join our organizations and our mission. As for today, we are a team of more than 30 people, ready to serve the community by bringing the message of hope. Because we are convinced: Life is worth living. 

our logo and name

We wanted the name of our organization to represent our core beliefs. First, we believe that every human is valuable regardless of their status, race, gender, sexuality or religious background. Secondly, we believe that God has offered us a way to live an Abundant Life (Gausus Gyevnimas) through a person of Jesus Christ. In John 10:10 Jesus tells us that He came to give us life in abundance. In this world we will face many hardships and worries, but our faith in God brings hope that is priceless. 

Our logo is a fingerprint in the shape of a leaf. When a person gives up an idea to commit suicide, he actually starts a new life. Leaf represents the beginning of a transformed life, but the fingerprint symbolizes the uniques of every individual. Just as fingerprints are distinctive, so is every person a unique combination of gifts and talents. We believe that that life in abundance is available to everyone. Our slogan is: “Life is worth living”. This is the message that we want to share with everyone. 

our projects

Short movies– In this highly digital era, we believe that the best way to reach a wide audience is to create catchy yet meaningful short movies. Visual communication is proved to be an effective way of encouraging cognitive and behavioral change. We intend to make multiple short movies (max 10 min in length) that would communicate the message of hope. Our target audience is youth, especially young men who struggle to share their problems with others. 

Workshops– Gausus Gyvenimas organization is a bridge that brings together professionals with the community. Our goal from the very beginning has been to do workshops and training for Lithuanian youth as well as their teachers to educate them about mental health-related issues. Our team of volunteers works together with professionals to develop qualitative material that would truly make a difference. We intend to visit as many schools as possible and organize as many workshops as needed to promote healthy coping strategies. Youth needs emotional support and knowledge that would help them to take care of themselves. Gausus Gyvenimas with the help of professionals offers the community this crucial support. 

Retreat True transformation can happen in a nourishing and supportive environment. While we believe that short movies and workshops can have an immense impact on people’s lives, we also recognize that change takes time. Gausus Gyvenimas organized retreats would be a place where people could take a break from the business to reflect, learn, and grow. Our team wants to show each participant a special love and care that would leave a more lasting impact than any acquired knowledge. During the retreat, everyone could learn practical ways how to overcome life’s difficulties as well as personally experience what it means to have hope. The retreat will offer inspirational speakers, professional support, recreational activities, and quality relationships.

GG club GG club is a part of the Gausus Gyvenimas organization based in LCC International University. The main goal of the club is to give students of universities and high schools the activities to reduce stress and equip them to support their friends. During our meetings we arranged small lectures on mental health and discussions regarding them. Besides that, our main aim is to build trusting relationships between the club members so we did many team building activities and icebreakers. 

Here is one of the club member’s evaluations of the GG club “GG Club is what I can call a small community within a big LCC community. One of my favorite memories from the club was meeting with professor Scott Olsen when we played a game of word associations, it was truly a lot of fun! Another good memory is having a meeting on the importance of listening first as that’s something we all have to do, but often forget to.”

Contact us to learn more about these projects and ways to get involved. It doesn’t take much to do a lot. Support our projects and be a change-maker in this world.