Gausus Gyvenimas


VAIKYSTĖS TRAUMOS: kaip išgydyti praeities žaizdas

(2020.07.19 5:30 PM UTC+03)

Tyrimai rodo, kad tie, kurie vaikystėje turėjo nelaimingų patirčių, yra labiau linkę užsiimti altruistine veikla ir padėti kitiems. Tačiau kartais pagalba kitiems yra bėgimas nuo savų problemų sprendimo. Negali padėti kitam, kol pirmiausiai nepadėjai sau. Lygiai taip pat moko skrydžių instrukcijoje: gelbėjimosi liemenę pirmiausia turi užsidėti pats, tik vėliau padėti vaikui ar kitam keleiviui. Supratimas apie vaikystės traumas yra kaip gelbėjimosi liemenė, kuri padeda nenuskęsti gyvenimo vandenyne.
Jei nori padėti kitam, pirmiausia įsitikink, kad pats esi saugus.
Seminaro dalyviai gaus aiškius kriterijus kaip atpažinti neigiamas vaikystės patirtis, kaip padėti sau ir kitam, patyrusiam vaikystės traumas.


Garbage Collection Trip

Reoccurring event – every Sunday at 15:00 (gathering near LCC International University – Michaelsen center)

Cleaning the city out of trash – is one of the activities that not only help others to see the clean city and the beauty of nature but also helps to organize people’s personal life. Being a responsible person and cleaning the place after yourself is one of the habits that are bringing harmony to a person’s life, that help to organize daily activities and accomplish goals in a right and beneficial way. Join us! 

Prayer meeting

 Reoccurring event -every Sunday at 19:00(Zoom meetings/face-to-face meetings).

A prayer meeting is a place where you can know more about how to live a life without worries, burdens, how to overcome difficulties and emotional traumas. Moreover, it is a meeting of getting to know more about the Christian way of living that includes the inspirational teachings from the Bible, musical performances, and prayer requests. More and more people want to know the way of living where there are no worries, no sufferings, but more inspiration and support from the loved ones. Based on prayer requests, this meeting brings support not only from „Gausus Gyvenimas“ team members but also from GG „Ambassadors of Hope“. Join us!

Wellbeing trip to the beach

Reoccurring eventonce per month on Sundays(food and drinks provided). 

A well-being trip to the beach includes having fun on the beach, eating food, having drinks, and listening to your favorite music. During the wintertime, it is about building snowmen, drinking hot drinks, sharing inspirational and funny stories. During the summertime, it is about swimming in the Baltic sea, playing volleyball, exercising and just chilling. Join us! 

Set your goals SMART workshop


Workshop participants discovered strategies and suggestions for setting goals, created a SMART goal and learned how setting goals help to define life’s focus.

Graphic design workshop


Practical workshop that aimed to introduce the most basic elements and principles in graphic design, provide an opportunity to practice newly obtained skills by creating posters on a mental health topic. 

Trainings with Becky Haas


Throughout the two training sessions with internationally recognized trauma informed care expert Becky Haas, Gausus Gyvenimas team learned about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma informed care.

Positive Vibes


On World’s suicide prevention day Gausus Gyvenimas organized their first public event entitled “Positive Vibes”. Right in the middle of the city people enjoyed great music, theater and dance performances as well as a panel discussion on the topic of suicide. .  

Click here to find the overview of the event