Gausus Gyvenimas

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Robin Mubarik - The Founder and President of Gausus Gyvenimas, Pakistan

I moved to Lithuania from Pakistan in 2019 to study Theology and International Relations and Development at LCC International University. Soon I found out that suicide is one of the main social issues in Lithuania. I was deeply touched by personal testimonies of people who had suicidal ideations, therefore I decided to find ways how I could bring positive change in this area. Though suicide is a huge issue, I realized that even small steps can make a great impact. In summer 2020 I founded Gausus Gyvenimas (Abundant Life) with a vision to create an organization that would serve as a bridge between local organizations and community. The problem is not a lack of information, but the closeness of people. Help is available, but because of the stigma that surrounds mental health topics, people are reluctant to reach out for support. I truly enjoy everything that Lithuania has to offer, and my compassion for this nation is increasing every year. My zeal for God and love for people is the main motivation to continuously raise awareness about mental health-related issues through arts and media. My teammates and I are committed to accomplish our goal to reduce suicide rates in Lithuania. I am also an ambassador of Choose Klaipeda, the European Youth Capital-2021. I enjoy public speaking and have received the Speakers University National Director’s certificate, an award from the Global Leadership Symposium, and a Volunteer Certificate from the Geneva Summit for Human Rights, 2020. My last award is “Youth Leader of the year-2020”, which I received in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Albina Golik - Project Manager, Ukraine

Officially, I am a General Secretary of the organization, but unofficially - a friend and a personal coach to every member of the team. I moved to Lithuania five years ago to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Though I never expected to work in a foreign organization that promotes personal well-being, I enjoy it to the fullest. Besides serving in the Gausus Gyvenimas team, I take pleasure in cooking, playing guitar, seeing my friends, and working at a full-time job.

Paula Pucite - Communication Department, Latvia

I am an adventurist that delights in stepping out of my comfort zone. I am always up for new challenges that life has to offer. When I joined Gausus Gyvenimas team, I had no idea that this would turn into one of the greatest adventures of my life. I strongly believe that this life is worth living because it is a gift from God. I am excited to share this message with everyone while working alongside my passionate teammates. If I could be anywhere and anything in this world, I still would choose to be a member of Gausus Gyvenimas. Little by little, day by day we build a thriving community where people feel loved and accepted for who they are.

Karolina Rudzionyte - Fundraising Manager, Lithuania

From my early adolescence, I struggled with suicidal thoughts. This life had no precious value in my teenager's eyes. Everything changed when I got to know Jesus Christ and the Life He offers to me. He healed my wounded heart and filled it with a desire to live it to the fullest. I want to serve others for their lives to become more meaningful. I have been always dreaming about ministry with friends because it is both exciting and challenging. Gausus Gyvenimas is a great opportunity to serve Lithuanian society while working together with my friends.

Emilija Budvytyte - Translation and networking, Lithuania

Seemingly, I was the last one to join Gausus Gyvenimas team, but knowing and being friends with the majority of the team, it did not feel awkward or weird at all. I was born and raised in Lithuania, the small town in the heart of Žematija, but in 2016 I moved to Klaipėda to study in LCC International University. Here for 4 years I studied English language and literature, which allowed me to gain knowledge and practice in the translation field. Therefore, now I can use my skills to connect the rest of the non-native speakers with our Lithuanian audience.


Hamo Hamo, Iraq

Coming from a war-affected country, I have witnessed pain and suffering for the most part of my life. Thankfully, I have been surrounded by people who cared for me enough to not allow me to sink into despair and showed support till I was completely healed. This life is not perfect, yet we all have the potential to change things for the better. Looking back I can say that all the challenges I have faced prepared me for helping others to go through hard moments in life. I am so proud of what we have achieved so far as Gausus Gyvenimas, and I believe that we can make tangible changes in Lithuania and in the rest of the world.

Anya Golik, Ukraine

“By sharing your thoughts and personal stories with others, you can help others to feel that they are not alone. Everyone goes through some personal struggles that seem to be too difficult. I believe that God gave us this life and all the blessings in it as well as tests that we face every day. These tests and issues are meant to strengthen us. He is our best friend, who won't leave us- with His help we can do everything. Gausus Gyvenimas is an amazing opportunity for me to change things for the better together with motivated and inspirational people.

Mozaina Pulaj, Albania

”I love the aim of Gausas Gyvenimas because it is about bringing happiness to people who are in need. Mental health significantly affects our lives, therefore it is important to talk about it. I find life to be an amazing gift from God filled with opportunities that are waiting for us. We have to keep exploring, no matter what... For me, walking, good food, meditation, and good humor are things that help me to maintain my mental health. I just want everyone to know that THEY MATTER!”.

Jolanta Intejeva, Lithuania

“Suicide prevention is an important and personal topic for me. I believe that by sharing our experience we can help other people and that was one of the most important reasons why I decided to volunteer in Gausas Gyvenimas. To talk about mental health is just as important as about physical health, therefore we should aim to have more of these conversations in our everyday life. You have the freedom to create the life you choose and that makes life so beautiful. You can be a change-maker! I like to spend time outdoors especially near the Sea because water calms me down and helps to clear my mind. Fresh air is important for mental health, as well... I want people to know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE! There are people who are ready to listen and help!

Zoe Adelaja, Nigeria

“I want people to know that there is always hope and meaning in life. Sometimes it is hard to notice that others care for you or how much life has to offer to you, but be sure that there is so much love and beauty to experience. Life is worth living! Unfortunately, the importance of mental health is still undermined. People should be educated about mental health because it has such a significant effect on their lives. One day it will become clear that fighting the daily battles and persevering despite the circumstances is all worth it!

Aisaule Samarbekova, Kazakhstan

“I decided to volunteer in GG because the mental health topic is important, yet not often discussed. Almost every person experienced mental challenges in their life, but only a few seek help. As people care about their physical health, they should care about their mental health. Just like we are protective against flue, we should also take steps to avoid depression. Take care of yourself, and know that you can help others as well. Your life has an impact on people around you whether you notice that or not. Life is like a huge LEGO construction where every detail is important. I like to spend some time alone journaling, reading, praying, or simply doing nothing. I just want to remind you that you are so loved, more than you can even imagine. Your life has the meaning”.

Sofija Selezniovaitė, Lithuania

”I discovered GG from my classmates. I was interested to learn how to deal with mental health problems and how to keep my mental state stable since I am a teenager. I like to work with open people with whom I can be myself, share my opinion, and be heard... It is such a joy to be part of the team that is spreading hope and love. Nowadays it became taboo to say how you feel and more people prefer to keep their emotions and feelings inside themselves. It might be uncomfortable at first to talk about your feelings, however, it will help a lot in the long run. I like to read books and spend time in solitude to deal with my emotions and thoughts. I want to encourage people to start taking care of their mental health because it really is important”.

Karyna Karpishyna, Ukraine

"By sharing my own personal experience I hope to break the mental stigma and encourage others that it's okay to ask for help. There are people who care for you. I joined GG because I believe that together we can break the chains- the lies saying that there is no hope... Regardless of what situation you are in, I am convinced that there is a possibility for healing. Sometimes a simple activity like journaling can help to get started, to make your first steps toward a better future”.

Yuliya Odynets -Ukraine

"Globally minded life lover" is how I'd describe myself in a brief. Having started traveling the world at an early age I quickly understood how much there's to enjoy, experience, and learn from life. I know, however, that sometimes things are not cheerful at all: family conditions, broken relationships, difficulty with self-acceptance and so much more can bring pain and grayness. I managed to learn and grow from the challenges through doing things that I'm good at: writing, project management, singing, sports, and community service. Because I would like to share this philosophy with others I decided to join Gausus Gyvenimas as an Ambassador of Hope Coordinator. I believe that in the family-like GG community everyone can find their niche to live a meaningful happy life despite any circumstances.

Gustavs Nolle

Gausus Gyvenimas gives me the opportunity to help others, to help others become happier in life, to not take irrelevant things with so much stress. It’s so inspiring to help others to give their lives a second chance and to work in a team of so noble qualities, aims and values. There’s a vastness of things and skills I can learn and develop, volunteering for GG, it almost sounds unfair to me that I can enjoy the progress while there are so many people in the world who don’t know about Gausus Gyvenimas. I see Gausus Gyvenimas as an organization that will finally solve the problem of high suicide rates in Lithuania, using the high-efficiency strategy they are pursuing day-to-day and involving internationally recognized expertise.

Augustus Jasiunas, Lithuania

Heyy, I am Augustas, currently a student in Klaipėda lyceum. From the first official introductory meeting of “Gausus Gyvenimas“ I have been fascinated with their spirit to induce a positive change in our, Lithuanian society. We may not notice it, but mental health is real, and I am beyond delighted to contribute to spreading awareness about it, with the grand goal of instilling resilience within my community.

Karina Syrotiuk - Ukraine

It turns out to be amazing how the shared intention to serve people interconnects the youth from the most diverse backgrounds!.. I am grateful to be a member of the fruitful GG family who proclaims that there is always hope for simple happiness. The goal of my membership in the flourishing Gausus Gyvenimas team is to give a hand to those who lack the inspiration to enjoy the brightness of life given by God. My lifetime passion about playing the guitar, violin, and piano serves as a key to spreading the Lord’s kindness and care among people. Here, in Klaipėda, just like in every corner in the world, people experience times when life does not seem quite delightful. In light of this, I am elated to join GG where everyone, like a precious puzzle of a whole picture, brings their uniqueness to fulfill the shared purpose – revive people’s hearts.

Maisie Rhodes, Scotland

I have always had a passion for children and education. What happens in childhood can affect a person for life. Too many young people have mental health challenges due to stress, anxiety and adverse childhood experiences and don’t have the resilience to deal with it. When I was in high school I knew multiple people who struggled with their mental health due to the workload and pressure. I have a lot of experience with anxiety personally, my faith has really helped me to grow as a person and in confidence. I also find solace in nature and with time spent with animals. I really believe in the importance of educating professionals to work with children in a way that teaches them and helps them to develop emotional awareness, resilience and ways to help them with their mental health and how to spot the warning signs of poor mental health or awareness of the effects of A.C.Es. Hopefully if we do these things the next generation will be less likely to see suicide as their only option or even less likely to think of it, because they will know the love that God has for them and that they deserve. This is why I believe and would love to help play a part in what Gausus Gyvenimas doing.

Yeying Dai, China

Studying for Theology bachelor and TESOL Module at LCC International University. Self-experiencing severe pains and depression and know very well how serious depression can lead to what sorts of consequences. Is willing to help people, who are facing similar situations, and is willing to be connected with their feelings and pains. Never afraid of revealing her wounds and scars to people and be vulnerable. Among sixteen personalities, hers is INFJ, which means


“Treating people as if they were what they ought to be and helping them to become what they are capable of being.” —JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE